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Q u e s t i o n s   A n d   A n s w e r s

Q: Hi guys, for a beginner of 33 yo is it possible, with private lessions from a fide master, to became a Candidate Master?
Thanks very much
A: It should be possible, at least in theory. I honestly think that it is quite possible. I would say you shouldn't be concentrated only with titles and ratings. Instead try to concentrate on which sides of the game you can improve.

Solving tactics is good, but it is not enough. There should be solid opening, middlegame, endgame. All should be on good level.
And CMs also make mistakes :-).

Q: How to study efficiently with the books?
A: First, the question which books on chess you read. I think that Robert Fischer , Michail Botvinnik, Victor Korchnoi are great authors and would recommend to read their books. No need to read the books from cover to cover, you might go for chapters or even single games. In the course I analyze relatively a lot of games and it is also quite worth reading through.

Q: Currently, I am trying a few moves to check if the answer is correct, but I feel like something is missing.
A: Reading books in chess should be more conceptual than just solving tactics. It's more concepts than just moves, like in tactical exercises.

Q: Can i just get better by playing more or should i learn some basics?
A: Only by playing a lot you won't get much better. Definitely basics should be solid. Development of the pieces, be ready for tactical complications, be concentrated during the whole game and more things that I talk about in the course.

Q: There are so many sources of information and games available online, and the engines. Why should I be buying the course?
A: Nearly infinite amount of information still ***does not*** equal progress in chess. There are tons of people who are stuck at their levels, despite the engines and despite all that information. So while buying the course does not guarantee that you will get to the rating or title that you want to, it might be a good try and one that is quite likely to help you to improve in chess.


C o n t a i n s   A   L o t   O f   A d v i c e

F o r   e x p e r i e n c e d   p l a y e r s

F o r   p e o p l e   w i t h   n o   e x p e r i e n c e   w i t h   c h e s s

L e a r n i n g   I m p o r t a n t   C h e c k m a t e s   a n d   E n d g a m e s

What every chessplayer should know:
  • Checkmate with a queen
  • Checkmate with a rook
  • Checkmate with two bishops
  • Checkmate with a knight and a bishop
  • Pawns endgames
  • Rook endgames
  • An option for self-review
  • and more...

L e s s o n s   F r o m   T h e   W o r l d   C h e s s   C h a m p i o n s

  • How Tal approached the position
  • Positional sacrifice of the exchange
  • Magnus Carlsen approach to the game
  • Checkmate with a knight and a bishop
  • and more...

C h e s s   E n g i n e s   i n   c h e s s

  • How To Win or To Draw Against a Computer!?
  • Advice on how to use computer engines in training

T h e   C r e a t o r

Valentin Goikhman is an Israeli National chess master, a USCF chess master, qualified for FIDE master title and won tens of chess games against grandmasters online. rating is above 2500. Contact email:

Buy "Road to Chess Mastership" with PayPal for $12
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